Travel Insurance During Hurricane Season

Why It’s a Good Idea To Have Trip Insurance During Hurricane Season

Traveling is a significant investment, worth every penny. When traveling internationally, that’s not an investment to toy around with. Protecting that venture when traveling during hurricane season is a smart move so your focus can be on enjoying vacation rather than last-minute problem-solving. Trip insurance is an affordable way to protect your travel (particularly during risky, unpredictable hurricane season) so something that is meant for relaxing and recharging doesn’t do just the opposite.

The Allure of Hurricane Season Discounts

Many resorts, hotels, tour companies, and even restaurants will offer great discounts during hurricane season because it is also low season and they want tourist dollars. In some ways, this can be an incredible time to travel to a new country – the crowds and prices are low, the sky is painted in unique colors, and most of the time the weather is fine. However, the keywords here are most of the time. The best discount in the world won’t matter at all if you can’t go.

There are times when destruction or danger from hurricane weather will either result in you having to leave early or canceling your trip altogether. While some resorts may offer a special refund in the case of bad weather, it can be difficult to arrange and receive. If your travel plans change, there will be many factors to work out regarding a refund, exactly how much that refund will be, and how it will be paid to you. You will be left to work this out from across an ocean and perhaps with a person that speaks another language. Having a travel insurance plan in place before you will be priceless regarding saving you headaches and time on the phone. Some insurance plans is a guaranteed and safe way to make sure your travel investment is kept safe.

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Damaged Property – Yours and Theirs

Hurricanes arrive with reckless abandon, with no concern for what they destroy. If you are in your travel destination when the hurricane strikes, you may lose some of your property. It could be as minor as your beach bag that was caught in the rainstorm or every item you brought since it was in a bungalow that was hit full force. This could include your passport, money, and other important travel items which are costly to recover. Losing these items can result in endless forms of delay for you. Perhaps you’re on an island and all the boats that can take you back to the mainland were destroyed, or you can’t get back in time for your return flight, or every bit of real currency available to you was swept to sea. Trip insurance will let you breath easy and maybe even enjoy your extra time “stranded” in paradise.

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Cancelled Flights due to Hurricanes

Flights are the most important yet unreliable portion of your trip. They are entirely outside of your control and often even outside the control of the flight crew if the weather is involved. Flights can sometimes change course or have mere slight delays, but they don’t function like cruise ships, which can simply take a different route or miss a scheduled port. Flights have to rely heavily on where you are, where you’re going, and everything in between. It may be bright and sunny at your layover city, but a hurricane could be swirling its way toward your final stop. This is another time where Trip Insurance can turn a bad situation into a good time. You will be covered in delays so you can enjoy a day or two, stress-free, in wherever you end up.

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A little extra preparation and investment can go a long way regarding protecting your travel investment. It can be the difference between wanting to pull your hair out and simply enjoying an extra day at the spa. Learning about even the lowest end of travel insurance can help you see how little it takes to rest easy–even if you did book a trip in the middle of hurricane season.

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