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Travel Advice and Tips

Researching and buying international travel can be complicated and confusing. An international trip is exciting but it is always best to be prepared before you go. We hope to help along the way to make it a little easier.  With that goal in mind, we are providing you with some travel advice, a variety of resources for you as you determine where to go, what to see, and how to get there, in addition to which insurance plans and providers are the right ones for your needs.

Our Travel Advice for Expatriates and Global Nomads

When searching for an international destination to visit, all of the anxiety can often get in the way of finding the perfect plan for you – especially if you are trying to evaluate options, destinations, etc.. Here are some helpful articles regarding international travel to help make the process a little easier.

When searching for an international destination for you and your family, keep these articles handy while reviewing the benefits and exclusions of each plan under consideration. If you have any questions on terms that are not included in this insurance terms guide, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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We are constantly adding resources and useful links.  If you have suggestions for information that would be helpful, please send them us via our contact page or via one of our social networks listed below.

International Travel Advice

We are experts in the area of global medical, travel medical and international insurance plans. We all have traveled extensively and are happy to share some of our wisdom. That is what we do. Our specific expertise is in international insurance. Our differentiator is that we can work with you to determine the best plans and coverage based on your specific needs and budget. We take the time to ask about your goals and objectives and use our network of international insurance companies to provide you with options that meet your needs.

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Some of Our Most Popular Articles for Travelers

  • Advice for Planning a Mountain Climbing Expedition
  • Holiday Travel and Trip Tips
  • How to Travel “Green” and Have a Low Impact Vacation
  • International Business Travel Tips
  • International Cruise Cheat-Sheet
  • What to Do if You Need Insurance for Your Travel Visa
  • Traveling With Children
  • 12 Top Safety Tips for the International Traveler
  • Safe Travel Resource Guide for Women
  • Air Travel Safety Tips

Advice on Global Health and Travel Insurance Plans

Of course, while traveling or living abroad, we offer expert advice on international health and travel insurance plans:

  • Global Medical Insurance for Expatriates and Long-Term International Citizens
  • Travel Medical Plans for 5 days to a year

Other Ways to Get Advice from Us and Other Internationals:
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News and Blog Updates

Review our International Insurance News and Advice blog for updates and advice relating to your insurance needs and international travel.

Travel Sites

We offer a range of resources and links to help you research international travel and global health insurance.

Additional Travel Articles:

  • Travel to Haunted Locations
  • 5 Essential Tips When Preparing to Travel the World
  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Travel Insurance
  • Take a Virtual Trip to the Paleolithic Era