Buying Travel Insurance for Student Groups

Taking a summer trip with classmates, studying aboard, or volunteering in another country with a college club can be some of the best and most memorable times of a student’s life.  The last thing anyone wants is for an important trip to turn into a nightmare.  To prevent this from happening, we have outlined what you need to know about why student travel insurance is important for groups and how to go about purchasing it as an organizer of student groups.

Why do student groups need travel insurance

It’s no secret that travel insurance will provide peace of mind to travelers and the institutions that are sending them on a trip. As a student group coordinator it is your job to make sure the students will be safe on their travels to keep their parents at ease.   You will also need to take into consideration the liability of your company. Uncounted for expenses could fall on the group organizer or company who hosted the traveling students if they do not have the proper travel coverage. Students are generally young and healthy and this provides them with a false sense of security while traveling.  They may be convinced that they don’t need travel insurance when they do.  Additionally, many students save money for months to take their trip.  We wouldn’t want to see this money wasted.  It is important students gain insurance coverage to pay for medical expenses or any other unexpected costs that may arise during their trip.

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What type of travel insurance coverage do student groups need

Medical coverage. It’s important to be covered for unexpected medical issues and reimbursement for anything they may have to pay out of pocket for.

Emergency evacuation coverage.  This coverage finances a safe and planned medical evacuation when a person otherwise cannot be moved in order to receive medical care.

Trip cancellation or interruption.  You never know when a student might need to fly home for a family emergency.  This type of coverage will give them the means and funds required to book a flight home and to return back to their destination afterward.

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Document coverage.  This coverage helps to get important documents like passports and credit cards replaced if they are lost or stolen.  Sometimes students can also obtain emergency cash until new cards are provided through this coverage.

Emergency medical reunion.  This covers the funds needed to transport a family member or friend to a student’s bedside in case they are hospitalized while abroad.  This coverage also ensures their family will be kept informed concerning their medical condition.

How should I go about buying student group travel insurance

First of all, it is important to make sure your student group purchases travel insurance as soon as they make your first payment for your trip.  Some insurance companies require the policy to be purchased within a certain amount of days from the start of paying for a trip in order to qualify for all types of coverage.  Second, it is important the students do not base their travel insurance purchase on price alone.  They should make sure to do a thorough search and compare several companies policies side-by-side.  It’s good to remember that most travel insurance companies offer a “free look period with refund” – they should take advantage of this!  Most importantly you should inform your student groups that you and the organizational company are not liable for costs that arise abroad if they choose not to purchase travel insurance.  Keep your students informed and be prepared to answer questions because it may be the first trip outside of the country for some of them.

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