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Travel Medical Insurance Plan

We realize that traveling abroad can be an exciting experience. We also know that anything can happen while you’re away from home – whether visiting short-term or living abroad indefinitely. It’s important to be prepared for any unexpected illness, injury or medical emergency. Sister Cities International, in collaboration with International Travel Insurance Group and Seven Corners, has created a custom Travel Medical plan to keep our membership healthy and safe while traveling abroad. (For Trip Cancellation Plans, see links below.)

We Have Created 4 Options

Medical Maximum Deductible Daily Rate
Option 1 $100,000 $0 $1.52
Option 2 $100,000 $250 $1.13
Option 3 $1,000,000 $0 $2.33
Option 4 $1,000,000 $250 $1.74

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Below is an overview of the benefits included in this custom plan. A detailed plan description can be downloaded here: Policy Summary All SisterCities Coverages and Plan Costs listed in this Evidence of Benefits are in U.S. Dollar amounts.

Two Medical Maximums to Choose From $100,000 Medical Maximum is per person per Occurrence. $1,000,000 Medical Maximum is per person per Period of Coverage (age 80+, maximum limited to $15,000)
Two Deductibles to Choose From $0 or $250; Deductible is per person per Period of Coverage.
Coinsurance After You pay the Deductible, the plan pays 100% to the selected Medical Maximum.
Dental (Accident Coverage) To a maximum of $500 (Only available to programs purchased for 1 month or more.)
Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation $50,000 (in addition to the Medical Maximum)
Return of Mortal Remains $25,000
Return of Minor Child(ren) $50,000
Emergency Medical Reunion $50,000
Local Ambulance Benefit $5,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000 principal sum for Insured
Loss of Checked Baggage $500
Interruption of Trip $5,000
Political Evacuation $5,000
Hospital Room & Board Usual, Reasonable and Customary to the selected Medical Maximum
Intensive Care Usual, Reasonable and Customary to the selected Medical Maximum
Outpatient Medical Expenses Usual, Reasonable and Customary to the selected Medical Maximum
Assistance Services Included
Benefit Period 180 Days
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Except as specifically indicated otherwise, all benefits are subject to Deductible and Coinsurance and are per Certificate Period (Policy Certificate). (age 80+, maximum medical limited to $15,000)

Оформление страхового полиса для поездки в Европу

Individuals: Apply Here Families/Groups: Apply Here

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Sister Cities Members

If you would like to purchase Trip Cancellation insurance we have created some additional options. Trip Cancellation plans insure the cost of your trip should you be unable to travel plus they offer the added benefits of travel medical coverage. Plan Info:

  • US Citizens
    • Round Trip Elite PDF Brochure | Quote / Buy: RoundTrip Elite
  • International (Non- US) Citizens
    • Round Trip International: PDF Brochure | Quote / Buy: RoundTrip International
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About Seven Corners

Seven Corners is an industry leader in travel medical and trip cancellation insurance policies. They offer a variety of programs, outstanding customer service, understandable and affordable policies, a network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals, and 24/7 emergency assistance to travelers. Their comprehensive travel medical insurance programs protect international travelers from the high costs and inconveniences of hospitalizations, surgeries, doctors visits, prescriptions, medical evacuations, political evacuations, trip cancellations or disruptions, airline bankruptcies, lost luggage and return of remains.

About International Travel Insurance Group

Our mission is to educate consumers on the value of global medical and travel insurance while providing a resource for them to research, compare and purchase plans for their relocation abroad or international trip. We work with expatriates, corporate HR, volunteer groups, travel companies, international employees, expatriates, missionaries, and anyone traveling throughout the world. Run by world international health insurance experts and expatriates, we are ideally placed to assist you with your international insurance needs no matter where you are located around the world.