Safety Tips and Travel Insurance Advice by Country

Country Specific Health Insurance, Travel, and Safety Advice

International Travel Insurance Group is a global provider of international health insurance plans and travel medical insurance. We are able to insure any individual or group from any country traveling to another country. We pride ourselves on having a wide breadth of products and services to serve a global audience.

As an organization working with expatriates, world travelers and global nomads, it is our responsibility to create and share helpful advice and resources to insure safe travel abroad. To support this effort, we are building out specific guides with advice on traveling to some of the more popular destinations with specific health information and advice for your trip.

The guides in this section provide a wealth of information for world travelers. For each country, you will be able to find specific health, insurance and safety resources that will help keep you safe on your next visit. We have provided links to health centers and local hospitals. We have provided tailored suggestions for international health and travel insurance plans relevant to visitors to that country.

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If you have questions not answered here, you can always contact our customer service team who can walk you through the process and answer your specific questions. If you would like specific information on other countries not listed here, we can provide the information to you directly. Please simply complete the request form to the right.

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Please be patient as we build our database of articles. For now, we have detailed advice for the following countries. Please share. Like and/or Tweet!

  • United States Travel Insurance Tips
  • Australian Travel Insurance and Safety Advice for Visitors to Australia
  • Insurance for Travel to Germany
  • Spain Travel, Insurance, Health, and Safety
  • Hong Kong Travel Insurance, Health, and Safety
  • Singapore Travel / Health  Insurance
  • For Visitors to Belgium, Health and Travel Insurance Plans
  • Irish Visitors Insurance, and Safety Advice
  • Chinese Travel Insurance for Visitors to China
  • Malaysian Health and Travel Insurance for Expats or Visitors
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  • Costa Rica Health, Insurance, and Safety Advice

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