Patriot Travel Medical FAQs

Who is the Patriot Travel Medical Plan Designed For

The Patriot Travel Medical Plan provides short-term (minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of two years) insurance coverage for U.S. and non-U.S. citizens who need travel medical insurance for business or pleasure anywhere outside of their home country.

Who is the Patriot Plan Designed For?

  • Families on vacation abroad
  • Senior citizens age 65+ with or without Medicare traveling abroad
  • College students studying abroad
  • Foreign au pairs and nannies
  • Exchange students / J1 Visa holders
  • International vacationers
  • Individual or group missionaries
  • Relatives visiting from overseas
  • Recently arrived immigrants

What is Included in the Patriot Travel Medical Plan?

  • Short-term Emergency Medical Care
  • Evacuation and Repatriation coverage
  • Travel delay and baggage delay benefits available
  • and more… Review Patriot Travel Insurance Benefits for full details

Answers to Typical Questions

  • The plan provides coverage for individuals and dependents
  • The plan meets Schengen Visa requirements if you are traveling to Europe
  • All nationalities traveling outside their home country are eligible
  • Maximum benefit limits are available ranging from $50,000 to $2,000,000
  • There are multiple deductible options starting at $0 to $2,500
  • The plan is renewable up to 24 months if you have purchased one month or more
  • You are able to seek treatment with any hospital or doctor of your choice
  • The plan also offers universal Rx pharmacy discount savings
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How do I Apply?

The fastest and easiest way to apply is to Apply Online. You may also want to download our brochure and application to complete offline (PDF: Patriot Travel Medical Application). If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

When Should I buy the Patriot Travel Plan?

You can purchase a policy up to the day you travel if you choose. Alternatively, you can apply a month or more prior to leaving. It is your choice. Applicants may choose to apply for the Patriot plan after their trip has begun – which is OK; In this case, coverage will not be effective until the application has been approved and you have paid the applicable premium.

  • You can change the start and end date for your plan at any time prior to the current start date without any penalty. There may be an extra charge if your total number of days traveling is more than you initially purchased.
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Can I get a refund on my Patriot Policy?

The plan administrator, IMG, will refund your premium if your policy is canceled prior to the start of your trip. Otherwise, you may request a cancellation after the trip has begun but, depending on the policy, the reason for cancellation and the timing of your request, your request may be denied.

If I get sick and need to go to the hospital, what should I do?

Once your policy has been approved, you will be provided with instructions on how to handle a sickness. In general, you need to contact the plan administrator right away using the information provided on your insurance card. They can help you locate a qualified doctor and facilitate the treatment. You will then be given additional details on how to proceed depending on the illness, your location and the facilities available to you. You will have access to an emergency assistance hotline with experienced international agents to help you through the entire process.

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Patriot Travel Medical Insurance Plan:
Links: Benefits | FAQs| Eligibility | Premiums | Free Quote / Apply
Print: Download (PDF) Patriot Brochure and Application