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Insurance For Spouse and Child Traveling Alone | Медицинское страхование

Insurance For Spouse and Child Traveling Alone

Cover for Your Family When they Are Traveling Without You

When the occasion arises that allows your family members, spouse, or child to join you on an international business trip, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget that your spouse and children may not be covered under the group travel or medical insurance plan provided by your employer. Similarly, it can be easy to forget that, even when it comes to a planned family vacation, your spouse and child may not be covered under that same corporate insurance plan as you are.

Coverage for the Family While Abroad

Whether the main reason for travel is business or leisure, it is important to ensure every member of your family traveling is protected in the case of an emergency. Even if your domestic medical insurance plan provides some coverage while you are overseas, more likely than not you will have to pay “out of pocket” for any international medical expenses. These expenses can sometimes range into the tens of thousands of dollars, and, depending on the country, the money is not always easily accessible from where you are located. International insurance companies are experts in working with medical providers and international assistance call centers, so problems are resolved more quickly, and international medical expenses reimbursed more easily. The best travel plans are designed to cover what your domestic insurance plan does not, including access to a reputable international network of doctors and emergency assistance services.

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Оформление страхового полиса для поездки в Европу

Insure Against Cancellations, Delays, and Lost Property

Even if your corporate plan covers your family for travel medical expenses, you should still ensure they are covered for all unforeseen circumstances including trip delays, baggage delays, and trip cancelation. Imagine if your work trip gets canceled, and you do not have the money to fly and accommodate your entire family anymore, but you cannot cancel the trip without having to pay a substantial financial penalty! If you have invested in an expensive international trip, it makes sense to invest in an insurance policy that will cover possible trip cancelation. Purchasing traveler’s insurance for your spouse and child also ensures that they too will be able to get home if the airline you are traveling suddenly goes bankrupt. It also means that if their luggage is lost that you may be fully compensated for lost items. You may also want to look into travel medical insurance that combines trip cancellation insurance with additional medical coverage as it is in your best interest to ensure that you and your family are fully covered in case of an emergency. Traveling with the right protection ensures you and your family can have a memorable trip without having to worry about the unexpected.

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Do The Research Before You Travel

If you are unsure if your spouse and child are covered under your corporate or private insurance plan, research before you travel and find out precisely what is- and what is not covered. Ensure all family members, including you, are covered for unexpected trip problems as well as for any health or medical-related emergencies. Knowing what travel and travel medical insurance is appropriate for you and your family can be confusing, so before you buy a plan based on price or merely rely on your corporate plan and hope it will be enough in the case of emergency, take the time to contact a qualified insurance representative and discuss your insurance needs.