How to Use Twitter as a Travel Resource

Using Twitter for Travel Advice & Tips

If you travel overseas a lot then having a Twitter account may be of interest to you. Twitter is not only a great travel resource but also a great place to engage with industry experts, including international insurance agents. If you’re not on Twitter you could be missing out on valuable travel tips, information, and resources, as well as a network of fellow international travelers just like you.

Twitter is also useful for avid travelers for the following reasons:

Have Your Questions Answered by a Professional

Twitter is the perfect social network to engage with insurance agents and companies and ask them questions regarding the type of insurance you should have for any given trip overseas. If they cannot answer directly, they will probably respond with a useful link or direct email address of someone who can help.

Broaden Your Travel Knowledge

Every day there are Twitter Chats that take place on Twitter regarding international travel. To participate you simply follow/click on a hashtag (e.g., #ttot) and you will see an entire thread of tweets regarding that specific topic. To find more about travel-related Twitter Chats follow travel bloggers and other travel industry experts and read their tweets.

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Travel bloggers have vast knowledge about everything you need to know about international travel. Many share their information daily through live tweets and regular Twitter Chats. You can find some great travel bloggers simply by searching the hashtag #travelblogger.

Meet New People

Оформление страхового полиса для поездки в Европу

Following, replying to and engaging with other Twitter accounts will not only provide you with travel information and countless travel resources, but will also increase your personal network and, if you’re lucky, create lifelong friendships!

The more you engage with people, the larger your network will become. The larger your network is the more access you will have to people, resources and information globally!

Emergency Information at Your Fingertips

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You can create lists within Twitter and these lists will come in handy when traveling should you need the contact information for the local U.S. Embassy, the U.S. Department of State or the information for your international insurance agency.

You can create a list specifically for “emergency accounts” and instead of Googling the email address you may have everything you need to know within the accounts on your Twitter list.

Countless Insurance Resources

A good social media account will also post articles and third party links that are of interest to their followers. In the case of the insurance industry, this would be topics related to travel insurance, medical insurance coverage, the benefits of having insurance, what to look for when purchasing travel insurance, etc.

With Twitter you can save these tweets, with the links to the articles, at the click of the “like” button (the heart icon available on every tweet). These articles are then saved to your favorites section and are available for reference whenever you need them.

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At @IntInsurance, we tweet articles, links and tips that are useful to anyone looking for an international insurance plan or planning an overseas trip. If you’re on Twitter, we invite you to follow us.

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