Global Health Insurance PDF Brochures and Applications

We offer a variety of Trip, Travel Medical and Global Long Term Medical plans, products, and applications. Here you will find links to various PDF brochures and applications for download and print.

Links to PDF Applications
Individual Travel and Medical Plans
Short Term Travel Medical Insurance Plans, from 5 Days to a year or Longer

  • Atlas Travel Insurance Brochure
  • Patriot Travel Medical Insurance Application PDF
  • Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Brochure and Application
  • GlobeHopper Senior (U.S. Citizens 65+) Brochure
  • RoundTrip Choice Trip Insurance / Cancellation Plan (U.S. Citizens)
  • RoundTrip International Trip Insurance / Cancellation Plan (non-U.S. Citizens)

Plans for International Students Studying in a Foreign Country

  • StudentSecure® study abroad insurance
  • Student Health Advantage PDF Application
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Brochures and Applications for Annual Global Medical Insurance Plan PDFs
IMG Plan PDFs:

  • Global Medical Plan PDF Brochure
  • Global Medical Insurance Application

Cigna Global PDFs:

Оформление страхового полиса для поездки в Европу

  • Cigna Global Health Plans Brochure
  • Cigna Global Medical Application (PDF)

GeoBlue Xplorer PDF:

  • GeoBlue Xplorer Health Insurance Brochure

Group Applications or RFP Forms
Travel Medical Insurance for 5 days to 2 Years

  • Group Travel Medical Insurance RFP
    • Complete and return this form and we will provide quotes from 2 or more insurers
  • Patriot Group Travel Insurance: Application and Brochure
    • Basic to Comprehensive Coverage for Global Travelers
  • Patriot Platinum Group: Application and Brochure
    • A Premium Group Travel Medical Insurance Plan, Increased Benefits at a Higher Premium
  • Atlas Group Brochure
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Annual Global Medical Insurance Plans for Groups

Comprehensive International Major Medical Plans for Long Term International Assignment, Corporate Groups and Expatriates.

  • Geo Group Global Medical Insurance Plan: Brochure
  • International Global Medical Group Plan: RFP / Quote Request

Commercial Foreign General Liability Plans

  • Commercial Liability – Plan Overview
  • Commercial Liability – Request for Proposal

All documents, brochures and applications are also available online. You may also contact us at your convenience to get your questions answered or for assistance in completing an application.