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You have researched international insurance options and are ready to apply. Now what? We offer a comprehensive array of products for your international experience. Here we provide a complete list of individual and group applications organized by category. Use the application links below to buy international health insurance, global travel medical plans or trip cancellation cover.

Apply for Travel and Medical Insurance Coverage

Three different options: It is relatively quick and easy to buy Trip Insurance Plans.  We will primarily need information on the people traveling and the cost of the trip. Travel Medical applications are slightly more complicated and might take some additional time. Approval is immediate, and confirmation of documents are sent to your email immediately. Global Medical Plans will require the most effort. You will have to answer some medical history questions, and underwriters may require that you provide additional information before the policy being approved.

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How to Apply / Buy International Health Plans

You can always call or email our team of specialized insurance agents:
Call: 877-758-4881 (outside of the US: 01-904-758-4881)
Email Address: [email protected]

Otherwise, find the appropriate policy from the list of applications below and click to purchase a plan.  You may also complete our brief Free Quote Request form to get specific product recommendations: Click Here.

Apply Online – Application Links

Оформление страхового полиса для поездки в Европу

Below are links to the applications for the products we offer organized by category.  If you want more information on a category, click Plans in the navigation bar above to get the drop-down list of categories. For details on a specific plan, click Learn More or simply click Free Quote to start the process.

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Our recommended Trip Insurance Plans:
RoundTrip Cancellation: Learn More | Free Quote / Apply (US Citizens Only)
Patriot Travel Insurance:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply (All International Travelers)

Purchase Travel Medical Plans:
Patriot Travel Medical:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply
Blue Cross Travel Insurance:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply

Buy International Medical Plans:
Cigna Global Medical:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply
IMG Global Medical:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply
More Applications:  International Medical Applications

Our Best International Student Plans:
Student Secure Plan:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply
Student Health Advantage:  Learn More  |  Free Quote / Apply

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For group services, visit: Group Insurance, Request a Free Quote or Contact Us.

Also, See:

  • Emergency Evacuation – Assistance and transportation to the most appropriate hospital in an emergency situation
  • Travel Insurance for Extreme Sports – Coverage for participants in Adventure or Extreme Sports
  • Expatriate Plans – For Those living and Working outside of their home country for extended periods

Application Support Team
Call: 877-758-4881 (outside of the US: 1-617-500-6738)
Email Address: [email protected]